Harm Reduction Center Participants Take Action

Some of the participants in Evergreen Health’s Harm Reduction Center have been pretty busy lately. They are members of the Drug User Health Coalition Group, which Evergreen formed to give them a chance to provide feedback and work together on education and advocacy efforts about substance use issues.


The group traveled from Buffalo, NY to Albany to participate in town halls and visit state legislators. They have also played a role in the following campaigns for HIV, Hepatitis C and overdose: Ending the Epidemic, NYS Hepatitis C Elimination and End Overdose NY.

The coalition members are really making a difference and we know that many people listen when they speak up and share their feedback. We are here to support all our participants and it’s amazing to see them get involved and motivated to take better care of themselves, too. That’s the best part!

Together, we are working to help combat overdose and other health issues in our community.



Evergreen’s Harm Reduction Center provides:

  • Access to clean syringes and works
  • Overdose prevention training
  • Wound care
  • One-on-one support
  • Support groups

To learn more, visit evergreenhs.org.


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